CNN Philippines Interview w/ Isaias Samson & INC’s Edwil Zabala

Here is an interview conducted by CNN Philippines with expelled minister Isaias Samson and afterwards INC spokesman Edwil Zabala on the case filed against the eight  members of the Sanggunian. Enjoy!

Additionally, I will try to have a podcast up by the end of the weekend that will cover just a few topics in current events, etc. If not, I’ll probably just post another written opinion piece. Please, feel free to read the analysis of the current crisis from other blogs! They can be found in the side menu under “Blogs I Follow.”

-Octavian Au Augustus

Video courtesy of CNN Philippines

The EDSA Protestors Have Won!… Absolutely Nothing

Congratulations, INC demonstrators! Because of your relentless efforts to “defend” your interpretation of the separation of church and state, you have achieved…  widespread skepticism amongst everyone aside from you who protested! I commend you on your efforts to “protect” the Iglesia’s reputation, as you easily follow the commands of your higher ups even though they give you very minimal background information on what you’re “fighting” for. People stand in awe at your powerful chants of “We are one!”… big misinformed group.

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