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Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I’m not dead! Yay!

Just a quick state of the blog. So I moved into university a little over a week ago, and the experience has been amazing thus far. After just two days of lecture, I already find myself swamped with school work. As such, blog posts will not come so frequently. As always, please feel free to send me your opinions/viewpoints/letters via email so I may post them on the site. It would really help fill the void, as I can easily find the time to post someone’s work, instead of always planning and writing them myself. Thanks for understanding!

What I really wanted to share with you is a video that I believe isn’t getting enough attention. It is an interview with expelled sister Remedios Suarez, widow of the late Fernando “Ka Andy” Suarez, one of the pioneering ministers of the Church. This sister made of the other half of a man who contributed one of the greatest expansions of the Church in the 20th century. To those ministers on Facebook and other forms of other media that purpose themselves to maligning other brethren, as well as fostering contempt for their fellow human beings, what do you have to put on your resume?



2 thoughts on “Remedios Suarez, Widow of a Minister/ State of the Blog

  1. Here is the English translation:

    My name is Remedios Suarez, widow of Fernando Suarez, an INC minister who passed away in 2007. I have been a member of the church for 74 years. My husband has served the church for 65 years. Even when Ka Erdy was still alive, there have been rumors of corruption going on. We have heard a lot of rumors but we thought it was just plain gossip so we just ignored it. But then ever since the passing of Ka Erdy, rumors of corruption and anomalies strengthened especially when we found out the abduction of ten ministers, some even placed on house arrest. I couldn’t believe the things that I am hearing. In spite of this, my family still didn’t believe the rumors. Not too long after, we then found out that a minister has been expelled. I became bothered and wondered what in the world is happening? I tried to reach out my contacts inside the church but nobody is answering my calls. So me and my family decided to go to the US Main Office to seek for answers because the news of the expulsion really bothered me, this is a serious matter already. We didn’t go there to cause trouble we just needed answers, clarity on what is happening inside the church. But instead of getting answers, our pictures were taken and then we all got expelled. We are desperate to find answers, to bring our concerns to light, this is why we went to Burlingame but instead they expelled us. This is a tragedy for me and my family, being that we have been members for a long time.

    Bro. Felix Manalo, Bro. Erano Manalo, both of them I know personally, they are such kind people. Even Bro. Eduardo is nice. Who are these Sanggunian anyway? For people to have great fear for them, who are these people? Why did they change the doctrines of the church? Are they blinded by money? All of the church offerings that we have here, they took it! When a church auditor questions a transaction, they are quick to expel that person. What do you call that? Isn’t that a proof of corruption? When they expelled us, they didn’t even talk to us personally. They just called us on the phone. As we all know, the proper protocol when expelling a member involves a thorough investigation first and not just an express expulsion which happened to me. They are just like Hitler, so wicked!

    My God, my prayer is for all of these things to end. And the Sanggunian council, whoever they are some of them are even sons of respected ministers. Why are they calling Ka Tenny such names like Jezebel? They should be ashamed of themselves!
    When we lived our life inside the church ministry, not once did we take advantage of the brethrens help or money. We did not abuse anyone in terms of money. We lived in great poverty, I was able to raise all of my children, have them finish their education but I never abused anybody for money, never took advantage of anybody for money. But what about the Sanggunian? Right now, they are enjoying the spoils of the stolen offerings, these belong to God! The offerings are meant for holier things like the construction and repair of chapels. Even our local’s money, they took it! What happened to the offerings? They are now enjoying it! We have news that someone bought a property in a posh place like Forbes Park, someone even owns a Hummer, a big house in Batangas also purchased. This is not gossip. Are they still able to sleep at night knowing they are stealing money from God? Don’t they realize their family is living off of stolen church offerings? God, please forgive me for the things I say, but you know I am telling the truth.
    Ka Tenny is such a good person. During her wedding, I was one of the receptionists. She has a wonderful family, even Ka Eduardo is very nice. The Manalo family used to be a happy family. I have a friend her nephew is Lottie’s husband which is why I am aware of the dynamic of this family but towards the end of Ka Erdy’s life, sadly the family dynamic changed and I always wondered why?
    They destroyed the name and reputation of the church. People all over the world respected us and they looked up to our church, my God I entrust everything in your name.
    They expelled me and my family, but I still believe I am not expelled because I know that only God can expel me. We did not do anything wrong, from the very beginning we have lived the life according to God’s teachings. We never lived off stolen offerings, stolen anything! My husband also experienced what it’s like to lead the church but no one can ever accuse us of being engaged in corruption. Even when there are times we had nothing to eat, there was a point I could not provide enough breast milk for one of my children but because of God’s mercy, we survived. We managed to withstand all the trials thrown at us because of our faith that this is the true church that Jesus Christ purchased with his own blood, so I ask you: are you just going to abandon our church? The sacrifices made by the pioneers of our church, will you just let it go to waste?

    I tell you this, there were opportunities where we could have had a better life for my husband is also a good businessman but Ka Erano Manalo advised him to go back to the ministry for this is his true calling, he also loved the fact that Ka Andy was a good debater who gained a lot of respect from his fellow ministers and church workers. These are just some of the many reasons why we remained inside the ministry.

    Dear God, I pray to you please restore your church. Bring it back to how it was before. I also pray to live longer. I think about my grandchildren especially my great grandchildren they might not retain their membership inside the church.
    Ka Eduardo, I wish you would remove these evil, worthless people around you. They are being used as the devil’s instruments who continues to mislead you. Even in the beginning they have always surrounded you and until now they are still with you
    I still believe this is the church that will bring us to our salvation. Ministers, what are you doing? Are you going to allow the Devil to devour our church? Why won’t you defend the truth? What are you scared of? Are you afraid to lose your house, your car, your livelihood? God will provide all of this! He will not neglect you, believe me because we have experienced God’s mercy many times over.
    ‘To our brethren all around the world, do not be afraid! Open your eyes and observe your surroundings. Do not be a blind follower, instead you need to stand your ground! God will never leave our side for He knows that we are not doing anything wrong and most of all we are faithful in serving Him.
    Our church offerings, this has to be recovered from the evil people. Our offerings belong to God and God alone! The offerings has to be utilized in the construction and repair of houses of worship, especially here in California. There are many locals here that are in need of their own chapel instead the offerings are being used by these evil-minded people. How can they still sleep at night?

    Ka Jun Samson, we admire you for your bravery to stand up and defend the truth. God gave you the courage to bring out the irregularities and corruption that is now happening inside our church. To the ministers and their families that are being oppressed, do not be afraid of what may happen to us. God knows what is in our hearts, it is only Him who will decide our fate. Stand your ground and lead us towards our salvation. Ka Tenny, do not mind those who are oppressing you, those who are calling you names, those who are disrespecting you. In God eyes, you are not expelled. Please be strong. Ka Angel, Ka Lottie and to the other children: Please watch over your mother, take care of her. Let us be steadfast and continue to have faith in our Lord God.

    This will all be over soon, God is on our side.

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  2. This pains me. Thank you for posting and for the translation. It is because of the old surviving brethren like her that we must fight on to expose what has changed dramatically.


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