Eagle News PH a Disgrace to Journalism

Trusting state-run news is a mixed bag. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In the case of North Korea, it doesn’t. Like seriously. Unless you enjoy feasting your brain upon biased news coverage and opinion pieces that disguise themselves as actual news, then please, go ahead and follow news outlets such as Republican Party biased Fox News or Democratic Party biased MSNBC.

This opinion piece o’mine, however, isn’t about Fox News or MSNBC. I’m gonna have a little talk about the journalistic atrocities of Eagle News PH. Now, upon first glance, one may think that Eagle News just an innocent news site that has articles no reasonable person actually reads (and thankfully so). Many ministers, however, see Eagle News as a great source of “accurate” and “unbiased” news. So, let’s find out if this is true!

So what major crime against reliable journalism as Eagle News committed?

Ultimately its bias towards the Iglesia ni Cristo and the laughable journalistic methods of its “news” team (Reporters, cameramen, etc.).

First off, we can see Eagle New’s clear bias against the members who have begun to rally at various Church offices/chapels through their presentation of the stories. Let’s pick ’em apart!

This is a great example of EN’s inability to provide reliable positions on issues. They are so OBVIOUSLY against the protestors. They describe the expelled members as people “desperate for supporters,” and “wanting to disrupt the solemnity of the worship service.” (2:09) How did they come to this conclusion? Did they ask them? Evidently not, as there was no interview with any protestor outside of the gate. Instead, they merely ask for members’ opinions on the protesters. Additionally, the reporter claims that the protestors were protesting for “questionable motives.”(2:14) Ahem. Is this reporter blind? Could he not read the signs the expelled brethren were holding? THEIR MOTIVES WERE SO CLEAR. Seriously? This guy makes O’Reilly from Fox News seem unbiased.

Next video:

Just look at that title. “Group of former INC members ignored…” I’ll pick that apart in a little bit. This female reporter starts off her godly news reporting with a, “…wanted desperately to be looked at.” (0:13) Again, HOW DID YOU COME TO THIS CONCLUSION? I DON’T SEE A SINGLE INTERVIEW WITH ANY OF THESE PROTESTORS. On a side note, complaining about the “repetitious complaints” of the brethren was really a waste of breath. If you have the same message, why would you bother making a different sign? Oh, Eagle News. Why you be acting like this?

The reporter also claims that the protestors are showing up at chapels because they were losing ground online (1:45). Once again, one of the most unwarranted claims I have ever heard.

1)Please show evidence that the INC Defenders are losing ground online? You haven’t shown any evidence in your video. Anything at all? No? Then your argument is dead in the water.

2) Next, isn’t the point of protesting in person is to be more visible? Think about the words coming out of your mouth, woman! They don’t make a lick of sense!

Next, the minister Eagle News, who I am told is actually the NEW District Minister of Northern California, interviewed in the video claims that the expelled demonstrators “struck fear” into the young brethren. Same question. Where is the proof? In the video, we barely saw any kids, more specifically distressed kids. Next, didn’t the title of the video claim that the protestors were ignored? If so, THEN WHY WERE BRETHREN VISIBLY UPSET WHEN INTERVIEWED? Check out this video, at the (0:20) mark.

That elderly sister was YELLING at the demonstrators! You call that “ignoring?” Why wasn’t her outburst in your news coverage? I saw brethren filming her. Everyone saw her. She REALLY ignored the demonstrators there. If brethren were actually affected, as YOUR VIDEO SHOWS, then the protesters were noticed and not ignored as you claim. Also, take notice that the TFC rep. interviewed both protestor AND minister. Where was THAT in Eagle News’ video? The answer: NOWHERE!

Finally, we have the cream of the crop:

Oh, now this one’s a beauty. Look at that title. “INC Members defend church…” Um, where are these members? You didn’t show them in the video. Also, what were the defending the church against? Lawn chairs? Oh, Eagle News. You’re hilarious. “BEHOLD THESE UNSEEN BRETHREN BRAVELY DEFENDING THE CHURCH.” Also, minister Serginio Ba-something claimed that the protesters were there, “…just for attention.” Interesting claim there, JoJo. Did you, I don’t know, ask them??? I know you didn’t. I WAS THERE.

You know what I saw while I was demonstrating? People with cameras walking around our picket line, taking video and picture, yet these extended clips almost never show up in these videos. Why? Obviously, their purpose isn’t meant to be used in newscasts. They’re meant to identify PROTESTERS. How low can you get? Eagle News disguises its oppressive objectives behind a disguise of “journalism.” What a disgrace. You know, y’all could’ve ASKED for an interview. We would have gladly given one. Instead, you piggyback on the interviews of OTHER news outlets, taking video of interviews as others conduct them, yet never use them! Seriously! You’re wasting your time and expensive equipment I’m pretty sure I helped pay for!

Additionally, the answers of the brethren you interviewed really shouldn’t have been used. Why? One brethren claimed that “…if they were true members of the Church of Christ, then they should submit to the Church Administration like they’re supposed to!” (3:10) Or something like that. What a way to display the church! “Screw freedom of speech. SUBMIT OR ELSE.” ‘Tis all very cultish. You can market this to brethren, but not to a reasonable, thoughtful human being, which I am guessing you are aiming at as well.

Eagle News broke a very important rule of reliable journalism: take the opinion of both sides. Both sides. Any person with a well-developed brain can figure out that your coverage of the INC crisis is completely biased. You act like the Administration’s propaganda machine, and your presentation of important news is disgraceful. In the description of your videos, you describe your coverage as “balanced.” This is so far from the truth.

I leave you with a verse:

Colossians 3:9-10

“Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator.”

As always, thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Eagle News PH a Disgrace to Journalism

  1. It’s been a while since you’ve posted your last article!

    Fanatical and corrupt ministers keep telling the blind and gullible members that Filipino news channels-particularly ABS-CBN and GMA-are biased news authorities, while they claim that Eagle News is not “biased.”

    “Not biased” – only reports anything negative and false information against the so-called “enemies of the Church.”

    I remember an article from the Eagle News FB page where it said there that the US protesters were wearing HALLOWEEN masks while protesting in front of Long Beach. Clearly, the oh-so “unbiased” Eagle News does not have any idea what were the masks they were wearing. Or, maybe they know what it is in the first place; they just wanted to instill to the minds of the #OneWithEVM zombies (if they still use it) that the defenders have already strayed away from the basic doctrines of the Church.

    I can only say to these “unbiased reporters”: E DI WOW!


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