INC Defenders Rally Fremont, California

Hello! Here is a compiled video of the rally at Fremont, CA that took place over the weekend. EVM officiated a special worship service there. Please feel free to use the video for your own critique and analysis, but please give credit to INC Hightower for rights to the video. Thanks!




4 thoughts on “INC Defenders Rally Fremont, California

  1. I often realize that many Iglesia members (and leaders) simply do not know how to act any other way. They consider their rudeness and bullyish ways as justifiable because it’s in the name of their faith. So sad. And…in the presence of the police officers and non-members watching… it’s embarrassing.


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  3. Really? The fan pages hurt the church (yes, non members read and comment and they are censored). When a visitor hears “only INC members are authorized to pray to God, ” “we have to go to EVM to get to Jesus Christ,” or the expulsion letters being read, that is a turn-off. Then, when the fan pages are not bashing “defenders,” they bash other religions. The Filipino community is very aware of what is going on. Apologetics are having a field day with INC, sad to say.


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