INC Defenders Rally Fremont, California

Hello! Here is a compiled video of the rally at Fremont, CA that took place over the weekend. EVM officiated a special worship service there. Please feel free to use the video for your own critique and analysis, but please give credit to INC Hightower for rights to the video. Thanks!




“Mr. Eduardo V. Manalo, Tear Down This Wall!”*Edited

“Mr. Gorbachev! Tear down this wall!” 

This iconic quote was bellowed by former US president Ronald Reagan in a speech given in 1987 at the Brandenburg Gate in what was formerly West Berlin. The collapse of the Berlin Wall in the early 1990s helped bring about the prosperity of the German people, and most significantly, the destruction of the prison that the former Soviet Union built around the West Berliners. Continue reading

Eagle News PH a Disgrace to Journalism

Trusting state-run news is a mixed bag. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In the case of North Korea, it doesn’t. Like seriously. Unless you enjoy feasting your brain upon biased news coverage and opinion pieces that disguise themselves as actual news, then please, go ahead and follow news outlets such as Republican Party biased Fox News or Democratic Party biased MSNBC. Continue reading

CNN Philippines Interview w/ Isaias Samson & INC’s Edwil Zabala

Here is an interview conducted by CNN Philippines with expelled minister Isaias Samson and afterwards INC spokesman Edwil Zabala on the case filed against the eight  members of the Sanggunian. Enjoy!

Additionally, I will try to have a podcast up by the end of the weekend that will cover just a few topics in current events, etc. If not, I’ll probably just post another written opinion piece. Please, feel free to read the analysis of the current crisis from other blogs! They can be found in the side menu under “Blogs I Follow.”

-Octavian Au Augustus

Video courtesy of CNN Philippines

The EDSA Protestors Have Won!… Absolutely Nothing

Congratulations, INC demonstrators! Because of your relentless efforts to “defend” your interpretation of the separation of church and state, you have achieved…  widespread skepticism amongst everyone aside from you who protested! I commend you on your efforts to “protect” the Iglesia’s reputation, as you easily follow the commands of your higher ups even though they give you very minimal background information on what you’re “fighting” for. People stand in awe at your powerful chants of “We are one!”… big misinformed group.

Continue reading

Admins PSA: Contact Us!

Hello you youngsters… and of course our welcomed older brethren haha. Just letting you guys know you are more than welcome to shoot us an email at:

You are more than welcome to ask questions, say hello, and, as I recommend, anything that you have written that you would like to have published on the site! The opinions of the youth members are not given enough value, and I want to change that! Tell us your story! I will help meet your requests. Please give ample time for response, as I am a busy student (haha)!

Y’all have a blessed day!

Octavian Au Romanus, INC Hightower Administrator