Admins PSA: Contact Us!

Hello you youngsters… and of course our welcomed older brethren haha. Just letting you guys know you are more than welcome to shoot us an email at:

You are more than welcome to ask questions, say hello, and, as I recommend, anything that you have written that you would like to have published on the site! The opinions of the youth members are not given enough value, and I want to change that! Tell us your story! I will help meet your requests. Please give ample time for response, as I am a busy student (haha)!

Y’all have a blessed day!

Octavian Au Romanus, INC Hightower Administrator


Admin PSA: Written and Spoken Word?

Hello my fellow young peoples (And older, if you want to read my stuff haha)! Aside from written opinions, I am thinking of posting podcasts so I can vocally give my opinions on topics regarding the current Church crisis. If such method makes it harder for the material to be understood or if it would just be simpler to type everything, then I will revert back to written opinions. Thoughts are appreciated! Also make sure to follow our blog so that you remain up to date on anything new that will be posted! Cheers!

Octavian AU Romanus, INC Hightower Administrator